Opening a New Frontier for Arita Ware
Bunzan is an Arita ware pottery founded in 1953.

Bunzan has the only Arita ware tunnel kiln in existence in its studio located on a hill overlooking the countryside. Using the kiln, the pottery has produced various long-selling products that have opened a new frontier for Arita ware, with its history of 400 years, including hotarude (ceramics with transparent patterns), tebineri (hand-twisted ceramics) and peony-patterned ceramics with a platinum rim. While handing down these techniques to the next generation, we will continue our efforts to create specialty ceramic products that help improve your everyday life.
A Bunzan product series wins the Gold Award at OMOTENASHI SELECTION 2020
A product series from Bunzan named “ceramic mimic fabric” has won the Gold Award at OMOTENASHI SELECTION 2020 as items with Japanese flair to be shared with people around the world.
OMOTENASHI SELECTION award winners are selected through screening by foreign experts living in Japan and quality checks by Japanese experts. Our “ceramic mimic fabric” series has been selected for the Gold Award in recognition of its status as the fruit of our efforts to improve our products with creativity and ingenuity for contemporary customers while preserving our traditional techniques that originated from careful consideration for users.
Such fulsome recognition from people from outside Japan has greatly encouraged us. We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to those associated with the award for rating our products so highly.

About “ceramic mimic fabric”

Products from the “ceramic mimic fabric” series feel as comfortable as high-quality linen when you rub it against your cheeks.

“Ceramic mimic fabric” is a series of ceramic vessels that represent the texture of freshly-washed linen waving in the wind.

This series is a modern evolution of the traditional tebineri technique that Bunzan, a pottery in Arita, Saga Prefecture, Japan, has long cherished.
The brand name “ceramic mimic fabric” is coined from “ceramics that mimic fabric.”


  • Tebineri (hand-twisting) technique
    1. Tebineri (hand-twisting) technique
    The tebineri (hand-twisting) technique was invented in the early Showa Era (around 1925 to 1935). Bunzan has handed it down from generation to generation. Products made with this technique feature fabric wrinkles which are marked when the clay is tapped on linen fabric to make it more solid.
    Tebineri (hand-twisting) technique
    This is a technique of tapping clay wrapped with fabric to transfer the fabric texture onto the surface of the clay and twisting it by hand into shape. Our tebineri products feature a light feeling that is produced by taking advantage of the characteristics of porcelain.
    A patent for the production method is pending.
  • Lightweight and thin
    2. Lightweight and thin
    “Ceramic mimic fabric” products are extraordinarily lightweight and thin for porcelain products. They weigh about half as much as ordinary tableware. They are so thin that they are almost see-through but strong enough for daily use.
  • Mildly cool feel
    3. Mildly cool feel
    “Ceramic mimic fabric” products feature a mildly cool feel.
With the texture of lined surface and thinness unique to porcelain, the products feel mildly cool to your lips and fingers when they contain chilled beverages, unlike glass and metal vessels.
  • Handicraft
    4. Handicraft
    We value handicraft in an age of mass production. We aspire to hand down techniques that bring out the natural characteristics of materials. We create ceramic works while always keeping in mind this aspiration.


  • Tumbler
    This tumbler represents the light and gentle texture of linen fabric.

    With a unique surface texture, the tumbler can maintain the cool feel of chilled beer or wine for a long time.
  • Beer mug
    Beer mug
    Our beer mug has a large capacity. Enjoy the mild foam created with the fabric wrinkles on its surface. It is an optimal size for you to swiftly gulp down beer or other chilled beverages.
  • On-the-rocks cup
    On-the-rocks cup
    This cup is ideal for you to enjoy beverages with large pieces of ice.
Giving a mildly cold feel, the cup enables you to enjoy a relaxing time while having a “conversation” with the large pieces of ice.
  • Pair of on-the-rocks cups
    Pair of on-the-rocks cups
    This pair of cups with a soft fabric-like texture makes an ideal farewell or anniversary gift.
It enables users to have a relaxing conversation while the ice melts slowly into the liquid.
  • Jug and cup set for chilled sake
    Jug and cup set for chilled sake
    This jug and cup set is ideal for you to enjoy chilled sake. The jug, shaped so that the sake looks as if it is being poured from fabric, along with the cup with a cool texture, enable you to enjoy sake with all your senses.
  • Small dish
    Small dish
    Each handmade dish is a one-and-only item, featuring delicate beauty. These dishes are attractive in that they are very thin and do not occupy a large amount of space even when stacked.
  • Square plate
    Square plate
    This square plate looks like the spread of a freshly-washed linen handkerchief.
You can use it not only as a plate for food but also as a tray for a cup or the like. You can also use it to serve a one-plate breakfast. This square plate can be used in various ways on your table.
  • Flower vase
    Flower vase
    This flower vase features a simple look. Despite its fresh texture, the porcelain vase featuring a fabric-like look nicely complements plants and the surrounding space. Featuring a natural texture, the vase brings out the charms of the colors and textures of flowers even if they are not neatly arranged.
    This flower vase is thin yet safe.
    While maintaining its light and delicate texture, the vase has functional features carefully designed for the safety of users, including an inner surface processed to be easy to wash.

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